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If you are interested in building a new modern greenhouse complex (glass or nylon), we recommend you the Dutch company Delflandasia. All metal structures for a future greenhouse are manufactured at company's own factories in China (according to Dutch standards and under  personal supervision of company's specialists). This allows to significantly reduce total cost of the project without the slightest loss in quality, making it more preferable even in comparison with Turkish options. At the same time, the entire internal filling of the greenhouse is assembled from components produced in the EU. In addition an important advantage of Delflandasia is its efficiency and accuracy, both in preparation of proposals and in implementation of entire projects. It should also be noted that Delflandasia is ready to implement your project on a turnkey basis, providing teams of workers, machinery and equipment necessary for the construction. At the moment, the company has several successful projects implemented in Uzbekistan. A visit could be arranged there. 

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