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During its work in an area of greenhouse construction, AGRO-MAYAK has established relations with various manufacturers of equipment for greenhouse complexes both in Russia and abroad. Quality of the equipment and materials we offer to our customers has been carefully checked by specialists of our agronomic and engineering services in person or it has been tested in greenhouse complexes with which we have friendly relations. And since manufacturers always give us the most optimal wholesale prices we are able to provide our customers with the best quality at the most affordable price.

Systems and materials offered by our company include:

  • screening system;

  • grow light system;

  • fogging system;

  • weight control system of substrate moisture;

  • roof cleaning system;

  • fertilizers;

  • substrates;

  • seeds;

  • plastic products (devices for lowering, clips, supports, truss holders;

  • hygiene stations;

  • disinfectants;

  • agitators for tanks with nutrient solutions;

  • agrochemical equipment;

  • boiler equipment;

  • pump equipment;

  • sprayers;

  • trolleys for plant care and harvesting;

  • irrigation equipment;

  • cable production.

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