Having 5 skilled engineers in its staff with rich experience in construction and maintenance of greenhouses, Agro-Mayak offers engineering services for the construction and subsequent operation of the greenhouse complex. It is important to understand that correct installation of all systems is only part of the job. You should also be able to make rectifications if necessary. It is the competent and quick elimination of possible arising malfunctions that allows you to get out of abnormal situations with the least losses, or to prevent them at all. And thanks to the convenient geographic location of the company's office our specialists have possibility of prompt assistance in technical matters, as well as an early arrival to the facility in case of need.

Engineering services are provided by our company in the following forms on a contractual basis:

  • One-time visit - engineer of our company visits your greenhouse complex to assess the performance of all systems of the greenhouse complex and eliminate existing problems.

  • Seasonal contract - during the term of a contract engineers of our company conduct regular visits (at least once a month) to your greenhouse complex to assess the performance of all systems, identify potential problems and prevent emergencies.

Based on the results of each visit, a written report containing resume of the work done and recommendations for future is sent to the owner and management of the greenhouse complex.