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In order to ensure appropriate level of competence of a potential Client in the design, construction and operation of enterprises for growing greenhouse vegetables we provide the following services:

1. At the design and construction stage of the greenhouse complex:

  • assistance in choosing a site from available options based on the material base of these sites, size and requirements of the future greenhouse;

  • assistance in determining size and shape of the future greenhouse;

  • Consideration of crops grown in the greenhouse (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens), based on interests of the Client and current market situation;

  • assistance in choosing a primary group of suppliers based on general grade of the future greenhouse, estimated cost, sources of financing;

  • assistance in choosing auxiliary equipment (additional lighting systems, fogging, CO2 supply, etc.);

  • taking into account all of the above, assistance in filling out forms to receive proposals from potential equipment suppliers;

  • analysis of received proposals in order to identify optimal from the Client's point of view;

  • revision of the proposal of the selected Supplier in order to exclude unnecessary elements from it, and possible replacement with cheaper local or other analogues with good quality.

2. If the Client is already waiting for delivery of purchased equipment, but he has certain problems with confidence in functionality of the complex, which he will receive upon construction, we are ready to help with the following:

  • study in detail complete set of supplied equipment issue an opinion and recommendations;

  • monitor the construction and installation progress giving the client our comments and remarks;

  • provide the Client with recommendations on future personnel;

  • provide the Client with recommendations on optimal crops and hybrids;

  • provide the Client with recommendations on necessary consumables (mineral wool, chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, hooks, reels, stalk holders, insect traps, etc.) in order to purchase them timely;

  • if necessary, prepare contracts for all necessary materials and equipment;

  • provide the Client with any other required advice on the construction and future operation of the greenhouse complex

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