With a staff of more than 10 people of highly professional agronomists (with at least 5 years of experience as a leading agronomist at large greenhouse complexes in Russia and Kazakhstan), Agro-Mayak Corporation provides agronomic support services for greenhouse complexes with implementation of the entire set of mandatory activities:

  • Selection of optimal varieties and hybrids.

  • Drawing up literate technological maps and crop rotation, with output of maximum yield at the peak rise in prices for products.

  • Selection and filtration of personnel, training them in technological process and economical expenditure of resources.

  • Control over compliance with production technology.

  • Preparation of nutrient solutions and technological modes of cultivation.

  • Selection and calculation of necessary quantity of biological and chemical means for fighting pests and diseases.

  • Selection and calculation of number of necessary technological equipment and materials for growing.

Agricultural assistance services are provided in the following forms:

  • Full agricultural assistance, including our leading agronomist staying at your facility 7 days a week throughout duration of the contract with regular inspection visits of our chief agronomist.

  • One-time visit of our chief agronomist to your greenhouse complex to inspect the facility, identify possible potential problems, analyze the current situation.

Based on the results of each visit, a written report containing resume of the work done and recommendations for future is sent to the owner and management of the greenhouse complex.