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If you already have an operating greenhouse complex, Agro-Mayak specialists are ready to carry out a full cycle of agricultural support. This includes permanent stay of our Leading agronomist at your greenhouse, with implementation of whole range of agronomic activities regarding technology of growing vegetables, nutrition and plant protection:

  • visual diagnostics of plants for diseases, pests, shortage and excess of elements;

  • analysis of agrotechnical samples and adjustment of mineral nutrition;

  • analysis of graphs in microclimate system and adjustment of technological modes of cultivation;

  • selection and calculation of required amount of effective biological and chemical means of pest and disease control;

  • work with personnel to train skills in competent care for plants, collection, sorting and packaging of products, timely detection of plant damage with diseases and pests.

And at least once a month Chief Agronomist of our company will visit your greenhouse with inspection in order to adjust (if necessary) production process.

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